September 14, 2016

Why Is Freedom Found In The Mind First?

Whether in terms of psychology or the ideals of metaphysics, freedom is definitely found in the mental realm before the physical. Where ever the aspects or inkling of becoming freed up from burdens and troubles found in the physical, it can’t be amplified or operated at its best, unless there’s a mentality that is contributing to it, controlling it and maintaining it even after it’s in process.

It’s similar to currency, monies, income etc and getting a lot of it; usually, depending on where the mind is at, you’ll purchase and get more of what you already have. It’s the basis of your values, and what you define as ‘true-blue’ values. If you already had books collected, you’re going to get more; into sports and gym training equipment? More of that will come; Into unhealthy or degenerate culture? Pseudo-trends of society that doesn’t actually benefit you? That’s also what will increase, once there’s more capital to be spent on it.

Some of this can be placed upon priorities as well, so you know the right things to get but you go for the unnecessary things first. I’m stating that the use of money, currently or in your future will be based on your mentality, and a freed mind versus an unfree or enslaved one will ‘tell-the-tale’ of the differences of how you operate in this physical reality.

Overall as a concluding point: the mind is our truest most reliable computer (brain computer) and what software programs are inputted and running on it have to be known and understood. Just like situations of spam, junk mail or unnecessary files backing up on the physical computer, your mental can also have this happen, especially in the Information Age and any consumerism-based nation. So your concerns have to be of what’s on your mind – which automatically connects to what’s in your imagination: whether it’s near-dead, cloudy, or as it should be crystal clear, it’s a key determining factor of freedom mentally, thus the action to be followed up physically.

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